where the flowers grow (contron is dead)

contron is a bedroom recording project from georgia with a deep bandcamp discography from the past few years. the latest contron release is called 'where the flowers grow (contron is dead)'.

the album begins with the interesting move of using bandcamp to make the last song, which is the title track, the 'featured track', so if you just hit 'play', you hear that and it stops. i always find it interesting how artists make use of bandcamp's parameters to influence the experience of the album. in this case the artist has used it to force you to experience the end at the beginning, whatever that might mean to you. the album has an overarching theme of sleep and death, and the simple, lofi guitar/vocals bedroom pop arrangements sound as if performed from a trance. despite that affectation, the sense of melody and experimentation is apparent. recommended.

name your price for it here.


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