c. reider - chew cinders

c. reider is a prolific ambient/noise/drone composer based in colorado. if you follow the cutting edge of experimental music and you like cassettes and netlabels, chances are you've heard one of his recordings before.

his latest release is called 'chew cinders', out now on cassette from the german tape label midnight circles. the compositions on this tape focus on cut-up/collage techniques and changes in time and pitch, exploiting the property of sound that changes when a sample is stretched. slices of vocals and field recordings (notably i hear some trains, traffic and a lot of clanging metallic sounds) are played against an array of electronic instruments and synthesizers, making for some evocative soundscapes that blend organic with electronic, out with in, industrial with human, and past with future.

get it here, free download or limited edition home-dubbed cassette.


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