monkey warhol - EP4

monkey warhol is a minneapolis based electronic music producer. 'EP4' is (big surprise) his 4th EP. the music is hard to pigeonhole, aside from the clearly electronic means of production. one of the tags he uses on bandcamp is 'electropunk', and that seems like a good enough fit for me.

i like 'washed out', the 1st track on this EP, a lot. it's built on a high bpm beat and a woozy, pitch shifting synth melody over which there is some disaffected, dystopian slacker talk-singing about how stuff sucks (general theme). i had featured MW's 'EP3' awhile back, and 'EP4' has a lot more singing in general. i'm into it, it allows for more of a window into the personality of this mysterious artist. there's even some sort of monotone rapping on the last two jams, 'mama's all business' and 'cat & mouse'.

get it here.


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