new music from me (the modern folk)

i released two albums this past friday, i would love it if you checked them out, along with all the other great stuff i am sharing here. as usual, the latest music i've made represents in some way the sounds i seek to hear. these pieces of music are manifestations of my deep self.

modern folk III

'modern folk III' is an extension of the aesthetic i have been developing over my nearly 15 years of home recording. it's just that, home made music. i'm honored if you listen to it once through.

'nibiru' is my first attempt at ambient/electronic music. it is about a space/star journey, and it can be explained by this poem:

the stars return every night
that we may place our dreams among them

i think it would be great music to zone out to.

all of my jams can be found here, always name-your-price starting at $0. many thanks to graphic designer chris foster-baril for the album art and to my wife bre for being the voice of my protest song 'don't touch the ones i love'.


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