pet;wolf - dance with the devil (video)

i covered 'dance with the devil', the pretty amazing sole available track from MC/producer pet;wolf before, but he sent it to me again with a new music video i felt like sharing. here is what he has to say about it:

my music video isn't meant to rival high budget short films. it wasn't created to make me look good or cool. i tracked down a real ku klux klansman and purchased the klan shirt. i used an alias, he obviously didn't know that i am black. the shirt has been worn by grand dragon michael mcqueeney. i created the video to laugh in the face of hatred. white supremacy is a joke, any hatred is a joke. i created the video to mock them.

that's that. it's satisfying to see the dangerous stupidity of the KKK mocked in this way. not to mention this song is really good, i look forward to hearing more pet;wolf.

keep an eye on the soundcloud.


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