t.c. costello - when i was an alien

t.c. costello is an accordionist and singer/songwriter from greenville, south carolina who is not afraid to incorporate some sort of vaudeville elements into his aesthetic. his songs can be funny and his performances can be over the top and dramatic, with accents, sci-fi themes and obscure instrumentation. he has the chops to pull all of this off while still making some foot stomping, beer-can waving folk/punk though.

my favorite song on his new album 'when i was an alien' is the trash-talking polka-rap 'your partying skills leave much to be desired'. i bet you can't listen to it without cracking a smile, especially during the sort of hardcore breakdown..wait for it. i've never heard as many musical influences from as many disparate genres invoked with mostly just an accordion as on 'when i was an alien'.

get it here.


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