eli winter - live at silent funny

eli winter is an up and coming american primitive guitar picker who recently relocated from texas to chicago. he has been sending me live recordings for the past few years, and the development of his playing has been very fast.

he sounds polished as hell on this latest live set 'at silent funny', ripping through some towering original compositions and a faithful cover of the epic opening track of daniel bachman's stunning 2015 album 'river', 'won't you cross over to that other shore', a nearly 15 minute opus. eli even got the chance to perform with bachman recently, jamming the shruti box on a few songs for his feburary set at the empty bottle (check that out here). seems like things are going well for eli winter in his quest to play american primitive guitar. i am excited to hear a studio album.

name your price for this and some other live sets here.


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