red kite - sunburst 2006-2012

red kite is a spanish avante garde sound artist who positions his work in opposition to the values of the global elite. 'sunburst 2006-2016' is collection of some of his best compositions from the past ten years, selected from his deep catalog.

red kite works mostly in the genre of electronic drone. his soundscapes, composed of hissing tones, mechanical clicks, grinding modular synths, bursts of static and twisted robotic voice samples evoke the feeling of being lost but observed in the late capitalist international digital panopticon/monsoon that life has seemingly become. while red kite's music can replicate this kind of edge, it can also offer relief, the joyous abandon in a soft mist of abstract sound that the best drone accomplishes.

download it for free from pan y rosas discos netlabel.


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