reid karris - divinato exitium

'divinato exitium' is the latest release by prolific chicago noise composer and percussionist reid karris. out now on cassette from chicago label lurker bias, 'divinato exitium' features a longform electroacoustic improvisation on each side, crafted with an array of percussive sounds and manipulated through electronic means.

listening to it causes me to meditate on the nature of destruction and construction, as each composition seems to start as generally a recording of sounds and then shifts into electronic abstraction over it's length. are the manipulations at play creating or destroying the thing we are supposed to be hearing? does it matter? is it possible to one without doing the other? is all creation, in fact, destruction, and all acts of destruction, in essence, acts of creation? maybe if you listen to reid karris' 'divinato exitium' a bunch of times, you will figure this out.

get the hand-dubbed, varying colorway c-32 from lurker bias, or name your price for some digital files.


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