cynthia diamonds - the time traveler

'the time traveler' by cynthia diamonds is a collection of stream of consciousness solo piano/synth pieces. the music is atmospheric and emotional, a kind of sonic diary of what i think is a fictional life. it comes with this paragraph on the pinkbox teleport netlabel bandcamp page:

'my husband knows no boundaries, he lives in a constant cycle of repeating his own mistakes. he complains and yells and drinks himself to sleep every night. he reminds me of his past while i can only think of the future. my husband, steel loves me with all his heart, but his heart is stuck in the past. i can not leave him for i have never received this kind of broken detached paranoid love before that i have come to cherish and understand. this work is the part of me that wishes it could go back. i am a prisoner of time and i can not leave my dear sweet but alas the time traveler is unable to go back in time. i will sit here and hold my husbands
head in silence. waiting....'

so, listen to the music and make of that what you will. recommended experimentation.

get it here.


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