jazznoize - obra sintética

jazznoize is one of two performing/recording names for spanish noisemaker sergio sanchez, who i have covered here before in his red kite manifestation. his latest album under this name is called 'obra sintética' (translation: synthetic work). despite that title, this piece seems to me to have a more organic feel than the last red kite release I listened to.

'obra sintética' is a long form ambient soundscape that seems to be crafted from electronic tones, manipulated field recordings and voices. it seems to me to be a play on the idea of the synthetic, asking the listener to imagine the degree of synthesis that is at play at any given point, and to muse on how much a field recording can sound like a synthesized tone, and how much a tone can be made to mimic the sounds of the world, and then to blend them until it no longer matters, if it ever did. the suggestion is, it didn't.

get it here for free from pan y rosas discos netlabel.


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