prana crafter - mindstreamblessing

prana crafter is the performance name of olympic peninsula based guitarist and songwriter william sol. his latest album, 'mindstreamblessing' is available now on limited edition cassette from eiderdown records. 'mindstreamblessing' features six instrumental compositions with drums and organ here and there, but mostly featuring william's subtle guitar.

the trend of american primitive style in instrumental guitar records is bucked here in favor of a more a rock'n'roll sensibility, although a strong sense of chill is maintained. the delicate, gossamer fret board touch and easy melodic sense of jerry garcia can be heard in much of the playing, as can the patient execution of david gilmour. my first impression of this was 'if 'hired hands' was about buddhist cowboys from outer space, this would be the soundtrack'. if you love guitars and music you can zone out to, i cannot recommend this album enough.

grab a tape here while you still can!


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