seth martin - this mountain

seth martin is a singer/songwriter from oregon who is currently living in south korea. his latest album is called 'this mountain'. seth's music has deep roots in the american folk tradition, a heart full of strong political convictions, and a head in the clouds of sonic experimentation.

there is some beautiful playing on 'this mountain', and some heartbreaking balladry. 'the ballad of eric garner' particularly brought a tear to my eye, reminding me a lot of bob dylan's ballad of injustice, 'the lonesome death of hattie carroll'. there are also some imaginative takes on traditional songs that add new links to the chain. it is interesting to note that some of these songs are very cleanly produced, while some seem to have been recorded informally with just one microphone, allowing in the incidental clicks and bumps from the room. i appreciate this subtle variation. i recommend this one.

get it here.


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