listen to the modern folk

the modern folk music of america has shared the music of many artists, but i would be disingenuous if i said that it was never my intention to also spread awareness of my own music. i like the idea that there are no barriers at all to being a musician or any kind of artist, and one of my thoughts was that by writing a positive review of someone's music, i could make it more real for them and encourage them to continue to create and 'be an artist' when they might have faced some hesitancy...a symptom of global western capitalism that is sometimes known as 'imposter syndrome'. i don't believe in the difference between an artist whose significance has been reified and validated by the projecting lens of commerce and one who has only been observed and appreciated by a few people. part of the point of MFOA was to manifest that lack of belief in these commonly understood categories, and create the freedom to consider oneself an 'artist', both for myself and i have always shared my own music along with theirs.

i have not had time in the past few years to live up to my own standards here on MFOA...i do not have the time and energy to be generous enough to honor all contributions in the spirit of the project. i have made plenty of my own music though, 5 or 6 albums worth since MFOA died down. you can find it on bandcamp or spotify, or with videos on youtube. almost everything i have ever recorded, the back catalog, at least 40 albums and a lot of live stuff, is at practice records.


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