about MFOA

i don't deal with anything secret, private or unreleased. i won't coordinate with you to promote crowdfunding or other fundraisers or do 'exclusive premieres'. you send me publicly streaming, embedding-enabled music (full albums on bandcamp or as a set on soundcloud are ideal) that you made and released, i listen to it, write a little about it, and share it. the radical inclusion i practice on this site is what differentiates it from other music blogs, and is also why when you send me something you should do the opposite of what you do when you contact other music blogs. i don't want to hear from your label or publicist, i don't want a slick hyper-formatted form letter. i don't want to know about other reviews. write me, say something real, include the music. that's it. whatever someone's told you about how to be a 'successful band'...think the opposite if you are approaching me. understand what the modern folk music of america means.

the things i choose to post are "CONTRIBUTIONS" not "SUBMISSIONS". this is an effort to erase the power dynamic inherent in the traditional mode of communication between critics/writers/bloggers and artists. this is said with the knowledge that these spaces mutate at lightening speed, this website might be outmoded, and this might not matter.

the goal of my site is to feature what i think of as "folk music", which is music made by people who are trying to get by leading lives in our modern world who love to express themselves through music. any genre or medium is welcome. i prefer contributions via soundcloud, bandcamp, or youtube, because these formats allow me to easily embed your music in the post and it leads readers directly back to your site, video stream, etc.

i also like to get physical goods and i play them a lot when i do. if you want to, you can send CDs/records/tapes/whatever here:

j moss
4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Box #904
Portland, OR 97214


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